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The Application Of An Artificial Intelligence-Based Tutoring System (ITS)

SLOTBET Hello Everybody, I believe we are all aware of the devastating impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on our health care system and our economy, particularly at this moment we are experiencing fast changing 21st century business challenges. These challenge necessitates immediate action to address this situation as most of us will change jobs 4 to 5 times during our lifetime in order to stay competitive with the fast changing business environment and the workforce.

My name is Raymond Chukwu. From an orphan to overcoming poverty and crossing a line nobody believed could be crossed. I made myself into an EXTRAORDINARY Aerospace Engineer with particular emphasis on Aerospace Medicine. My training from the best aerospace engineering universities in the nation and my captivating professional background and experience from Lockheed Martin distinguishes me with a vision to establish Black Technologies Advancement to invoke the applications of intelligent systems by exploring an artificial intelligence-based Tutoring System (ITS) as a realistic alternative on creating economic diversification program. This program will provide technological and digital skills on occupational job placement. Such skills are unavoidable given the shortages of qualified workers in our workforce today.
To the best of my knowledge, this will be the first in a series of artificial intelligence-based Tutoring System (ITS) to be developed. It will not only be based entirely on no commercially available, developmental, or experimental techniques evaluated to date, but it will also be the first program with the intelligence necessary to train/retrain workers displaced by COVID-19 Pandemic with economic diversification skills on the followings modules:

    • Modules 1 – Basic IT Course Level (I)
    • Modules 2 – Basic IT Course Level (II)
    • Modules 3 – Basic AI Course Level (I)
    • Modules 4 – Basic AI Course Level (II)
    • Modules 5 – Digital/Communication skills
    • Modules 6 – Advanced Digital/IT Skills
    • Modules 7 – Soft Skills
    • Modules 8 – Manufacturing Skills
    • Modules 9 – Healthcare Skills

The responsiveness of this program to the following:

  • Market demand
  • The technical approach
  • Economic and scientific merits
  • The level of innovation invoked

Have been demonstrated in the video animation immediately following at the end of this presentation. At the end of the video animation, you will be given the contact information for Black Technologies Advancement to show your support for a project of this magnitude to help our efforts to revolutionize the workforce into the 21st century business environment. Thank you very much for watching: