Hello everybody, Today I want to discuss the Social Media Giants and our Economy with you

Science and technology create new products in the marketplace. New products in the marketplace create higher paying jobs. Information recycling is not a part of this equation, because it does not produce or bring any product into the marketplace. If you disagree, please name the product of any of the following social media giants in the marketplace today:

  • Facebook & Google
  • YouTube & Instagram
  • Twitter & WhatsApp

If you can not name any, it then means that the only product associated with these giants is information recycling and nothing else. This is the more reason we are experiencing the following difficulties in our daily lives today:

  • Toxic business environment
  • Toxic social environment
  • Manipulation of our personal data for profit
  • Partisan bickering out of control

There is a need therefore, to explore the future Manufacturing strategies to support fundamental research and education to overcome scientific, technological, educational, economic, and social barriers in order, to enable new manufacturing capabilities that do not exist today, such as deploying artificial intelligence algorithm, powered by Internet of Things (IoT) supported by parallel processing neural network model of the Motor Program Generator for pursuit eye movements to block and eliminate any misinformation or disinformation while in signal state on the cyberspace before converting to text format.

This is the prerequisite in returning to creating higher paying jobs for you and your families.

This revolution in our economy requires a radical departure from our current policy making. Anyone running for the United States President in 2024, must therefore demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge and qualifications targeted at scientific and technological innovations and developments to satisfactorily address these issues, while creating higher paying jobs for you and your families.

My scientific and technological background and qualifications makes me an ideal candidate for 2024 Republican Presidential candidate. From an orphan to overcoming poverty and crossing a line nobody believed could be crossed.

I made myself into an EXTRAORDINARY Aerospace Engineer with particular emphasis on Aerospace Medicine.

My training from the best aerospace engineering universities in the nation and my captivating professional background and experience from Lockheed Martin distinguishes me with a vision to explore space-based technological innovations to accelerate the development and deployment of carbon free-future technologies to support an equitable transition to a de-carbonized environmental system, which is unavoidable in addressing the climate crisis in a comprehensive manner at this moment in our history. Underdogs have always shocked the world.