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Black Technologies Advancement (BTA) was
established in 1992 as a 501c(3) non-profit
research and educational Institute.
Black Technologies Advancement (BTA) was established in 1992 as a 501c(3) non-profit research and educational Institute.


My name is Raymond Chukwu. From an orphan to overcoming poverty and crossing a line nobody believed could be crossed. I made myself into an EXTRAORDINARY Aerospace Engineer with particular emphasis on Aerospace Medicine. My training from the best aerospace engineering universities and my captivating professional background and experience from Lockheed Martin distinguishes me with a vision to establish Black Technologies Advancement to explore the applications of space based technologies to accelerate a vision of a carbon-free future and the creation of planet saving, climate change solutions, through the research and development of Space-Based Solar Internet Network System – As the De-Facto Charging Mechanism for Wirelessly Charging Electric Vehicles while driving.

Black Technologies Advancement

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Black Technologies Advancement is building high speed connectivity and administrative computing infrastructure to create Black Economic Summit in which Black celebrities will work with Black scientists/engineers in creating economic diversification programs


Black Technologies Advancement Presents Black Economic Summit
Summit Objective

It has been argued that Black's economic, social, racial injustice and political problems cannot be advanced until Blacks are able to join the rest of the scientific and technological community in the development and utilization of science and technology related products., given that every product in the marketplace is based on some type of science and technology related applications.

Problem Identification

We encourage Black athletes and Entertainers, Celebrities, Entrepreneurs and Philanthropist to invest in the education of Black Scientists pursuing science and technology. Blacks still spend over trillions of dollars each year patronizing businesses of other ethnicities, instead of trying to bring their own products into the marketplace. Join us at the Black Economic Summit and discover the technological innovations and contributions of Black Scientists and Engineers.


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