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Hello Everybody. Before we start. Just one question.
Could you Imagine a world of Electric vehicles with no charging or recharging stations? My goal here is to make this imagination a reality. The more reason this subject is entitled:

The Applications of Space-Based Technologies For, A Carbon Free Future

but first I want to introduce myself.
My name is Raymond Chukwu. From an orphan to overcoming poverty and crossing a line nobody believed could be crossed. I made myself into an EXTRAORDINARY Aerospace Engineer with particular emphasis on Aerospace Medicine. My training from the best aerospace engineering universities in the nation and my captivating professional background and experience from Lockheed Martin distinguishes me with a vision to establish Black Technologies Advancement to explore the applications of space based technologies to accelerate a vision of a carbon-free future and the creation of planet saving, climate change solutions, through the research and development of Space-Based Solar Internet Network System – As the De-Facto Charging Mechanism for Wirelessly Charging Electric Vehicles while driving.
Look guys this is our moment, let us therefore build on this momentum. We are concerned about the threat imposed by environmental challenges, because the hypothesis on how to solve this complex problem continued to create barriers in our transition to a planet saving, climate change solutions.

The excess weight on the planet continued to be a major contributing factor to the environmental threat. The earth is in constant motion around its orbit and axis. Based upon the basic laws of physics the velocity of any moving body is in ratio with the weight.
A need exists therefore, to address this excess weight against the planet. Space-based wireless charging of electric vehicles while driving becomes one of the most effective scientific approach to significantly reduce this weight on the planet.
The Vehicle Wireless Remote Charging System which is the brain of the wireless charging system will consist of the following:

  • IP Address
  • Automated Reasoning Tool as the data exchange facilitator
  • Automated Reasoning Tool as the data exchange facilitator
  • On board wireless charging system
  • Customized photovoltaic coded expert knowledge
  • Minimal on-board energy storage battery as a reservoir

This intelligent system will eliminate major obstacles confronting pure electric vehicles, such as range and quick recharge from competing against internal combustion engine powered vehicles. Manufacturing different battery capacities to solve this problem adds more weight on the electric vehicles as well as on the planet.

Therefore, the need for this proposed technology now and in the foreseeable future is unavoidable given the following environmental concerns:

  • The pollution problems
  • Concerns about global warming
  • National security issues
  • Our dependence on foreign oil
  • The eventual depiction of our natural resource

This space-based technology points in the direction of a clean, reliable renewable energy source.
This will be the first in a series of space-based wireless power transfer services to be developed for wirelessly charging electric vehicles while driving. It will not only be based entirely on no commercially available, developmental, or experimental techniques evaluated to date, but it will also be the first time in our history that everyone will directly benefit from the applications and utilization of space-based technologies here on the planet.
The responsiveness of this space-based technology to the market demand as well as the technical approach, merits and the level of innovation has been demonstrated in the video animation at the end of this presentation. At the end of the video animation, you will be given the contact information for Black Technologies Advancement to show your support for a technology of this imagination to help us achieve the mission of this project. Thank you very much for watching: