Africa remain the richest continent on the planet today because of the followings

The region is divided into two exact hemispheres by the equator

In the north, the region is located at latitude 40 degree north, with Land 20% and Sea: 30%.

In the south, the region is located at latitude 40 degree south, with Land: 10%; Sea: 40%
Based upon a preliminary scientific study by Black Technologies Advancement (BTA) these distinguishing features of the region bulk resources counterparts exhibit potential technological manufacturing capabilities.

Such capabilities are listed below:
Bulk resources counterparts (Bulk Mineral properties):
Most of the bulk mineral counterparts share similar properties in common. They include: electrical, magnetic, optical, mechanical, and other physical properties.

Interestingly, the generation of Carbon nano-tubes from the Bulk mineral counterparts such as the carbon compounds, show remarkable manufacturing capabilities, due to their ability to generate carbon nano-tubes, based properties, with the following behaviors characteristics:

  • Electro-conductivity materials
  • Mechanical and thermal properties
  • Sensors
  • Electronics

Bulk resources counterparts (The Natural Resources): Based on BTA preliminary study no scientific study has been undertaken to determine whether or not a particular treatment with these counterparts is safe, efficacious, beneficial, helpful, or leads to a positive outcome (e.g. produces a regression in the size of a tumor, prolongs or improves quality of life, reduces or eliminates adverse symptoms of a toxic treatments such as a preventive countermeasure against various infectious diseases.

Above all, among many extracts from plants about 75% of them come from these natural resources counterparts. In spite, of this higher percentage no major documentation on their effectiveness is available for review today.

Bulk agricultural counterparts (Agricultural Resources):
These counterparts provide unique agricultural concept with favorable environmental and climate conditions to produce all, crops types twice a year
NOW! In spite, of these compelling factors, Africa remain impoverish region, with over 95% of its populations all over the world undergoing, Under-nourishment, population growth, agricultural production and changing consumption trends which continue to pose significant challenges to food security in the region, while at the same time in the United States, Blacks are experiencing discrimination, inadequate access to quality education, technology, health services and the worst economic, social, racial injustice, and political problems.