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Raymond L. Chukwu - CEO

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Wireless charging of electric vehicles while driving gives them a competitive advantage against internal combustion engine powered automobiles. This technology will utilize electric power from space using laser beams. We are developing a production-feasible Electric Vehicle Wireless charging using Laser power beaming system from space. We will integrate this system into a production-intent vehicles to demonstrate the technology’s readiness to deliver the benefits of this technology to drivers of electric vehicles. It shall also demonstrate cost competitiveness, energy efficient, and compliant with safety standards. The application of neural networks and expert system technologies promises advantages to replenishing the energy storage unit on the vehicles while maintaining an all-important communication link for safety, security, data transmission, etc.


To, define the reason behind Blacks economic problems. Without a comprehensive definition to gain a clear understanding of the problem it will be very difficult if not impossible to find the right solution.


Why have blacks failed to embrace technological revolution as the prerequisite to enjoy the following benefits offered by robust economy?

  • Economic Power
  • Superior Defense Capabilities
  • Domestic and International Prestige
  • Superior Business Creditability
  • Advanced Academic Status in Science and Engineering
  • Advanced Academic Status in Computer and Technology

In addition, the following questions should be addressed to further assess the problem:

  • Will higher paying jobs be the right tools necessary for Blacks to enjoy these benefits?

How will higher paying jobs be created considering that it depends on bringing new products into the marketplace? Such undertakings are based upon targeted scientific and technological research and development which are lacked by blacks due to their failure to embrace technological revolution


During the summit action plan we will review the following scenarios to develop a comprehensive action plan necessary to satisfy the summit mission responsibilities:

  • Define the prerequisite needed to enjoy the listed benefits offered by robust economy
  • Explain how creating higher paying jobs, Jobs! Jobs!! Jobs!!! And Jobs!!!! Will address this problem
  • Identify the type of higher paying jobs most applicable for blacks to enjoy the listed benefits
  • Based upon the identification target technologies derived from Sub Sahara African resources with particular emphasis to the Sub Sahara African minerals
  • Discuss the potential benefits anticipated
  • Define how such benefits will allow blacks to emerge as creditable competitor with others
  • Satisfy this requirement by deploying black scientists attending this summit to study nanotechnology based upon Sub Sahara African minerals.
  • Nanotechnology measures and manipulates matter at atomic, molecular, and supra molecular at approximately 1 to 100 nanometers (nm) in at least one dimension. Employ this to Sub Sahara African minerals to determine their merits
  • Given that processing such small scales concept involve complicated governing algorithms to process the summit will target employing the molecular manipulation techniques which will be based upon the incorporation of nanotechnology
  • Discuss how the disruption in our computer systems, bio-terrorism threats and others intelligence related failures can be attributed to failures on our artificial intelligence and networking capabilities.
  • Explain how the applications of these properties will aide, the design of chips and textures in the form of coded expert knowledge as the key intelligent tools for designing smarter intelligent systems to address the disruptions in the most cost effective manner and eliminate all threats brought about by terrorism
  • Given that no black nations have any defense capabilities the application of molecular manipulations based upon nanotechnology will give blacks superior defense capabilities and domestic and International Prestige which they currently lack
  • Explain why advances, in nanotechnology presents new opportunities that will improve the quality of life
  • Discuss how to address the associated risks with Nanotechnology


During the summit implementation strategies we will examine various industries and technologies to determine the feasibilities of superior defense capabilities for blacks in establishing superior defense capabilities and gaining domestic and international prestige.

  • We will assess if this can position blacks in the forefront of smarter intelligence defense capabilities which is a requirement for the 21st century safety.
  • During the summit we will identify the two key groups that will be instrumental in meeting this objective.
  • First Group: Investors (black entertainers)
  • Second Group: Scientists and Engineers (blacks)
  • The relationship and the interaction between both groups will be based upon trust and understanding in order to successfully achieve this objective.