USA Mission Statement

Located in Santa Clara County known as the Silicon Valley, Black Technologies Advancement (BTA) was established in 1992 as a 501c(3) non-profit research and educational Institute. It was established to promote scientific research and technology development. Developing transformational manufacturing and materials technologies to answer the question "Is technology against Blacks or are Blacks against technology? Either way, this question is answered the Failure of blacks to embrace and benefit from technological revolution and a perspective to change the tide must be addressed successfully before they can overcome the current economic difficulty facing a large percentage of its population. Black community is mired in poverty in part because it has not harnessed the promise of economic stability offered by science, technology, computer and medicine. This imbalance is exacerbated because African Americans, for example prefer to pursue careers in athletics or entertainment, instead of seeking education in mathematics, engineering and computer technology, and when they do achieve success in those fields they do not reinvest their money in organizations that promote and support science, technology and computer science in black communities. Science and technology related products development is the prerequisite for economic security, without which any race will experience difficult economic growth. Black Technologies Advancement (BTA) is committed to changing this equation through:

  • Students free Scholarship Information program in Maths, science and engineering
  • Free Vocational Job Training program for high school dropouts and adults in the process of changing jobs
  • Free grant writing workshop and Information services program for disadvantaged small businesses
  • Quarterly Black Summit to address the need for Blacks in science and technology
  • HIV/AIDS drugs research and development program
  • Electric Vehicle wireless charging Research /Development
  • Advance scientific research on renewable Energy technologies
  • Aerospace related scientific research and development


President Obama’s new Africa Initiative including Nigeria, and the recent events unfolding in Nigeria, raise the question why, despite decades of efforts, Nigeria remain impoverished. Nigeria is poorer today than it was in 1960, sometimes by very wider margins. As a result, Nigeria as other Black African nations has been the site of large-scale experiments to reform its economy. However ambitious, these projects have failed to generate sustained economic growth. A major reason for the failure is that the market-based policies such as the so-called “Washington consensus” assumed that economic reform could create efficient markets without simultaneously reforming the political institutions. Without a limit on government and a guarantee of property rights and individual liberty, “efficient markets” cannot exist. Economists have made an impressive start on the types of economic institutions needed to support efficient markets, but have not made equal strides in devising political institutions that will accomplish that objective.

To respond to this problem, we plan to address the unique needs of Nigerians to strengthen the political process through designing and developing Web-Based Political Reform Awareness (PRA) Program, which can disseminate information on the need for political reform to secondary school, college and university students both in the rural and urban areas all over the country as well as the general public on how to reform the political process through (behavior change, product distribution/sales, strengthening of private sector services and collaboration with other partners involved with similar research efforts).


Raymond L. Chukwu has been described as an American success story. He was born in California to an American mother and a Nigerian father. After the death of his mother, his father took him to Nigeria to be raised by his paternal relatives. After several years in Nigeria, he returned to the United States.